Photo Blog

  • August 17, 2019
    My last time on Strachan was 4 years ago, so it was overdue for a visit
  • August 5, 2019
    Nick and I enjoyed a quick hike up Black Mountain
  • July 27, 2019
    A lovely place to spend some time before catching a ferry home
  • July 26, 2019
    A lovely Hike, Difficult Activation and fun surprise all wrapped up in one
  • July 24, 2019
    A lovely morning walk up a summit I had to myself
  • July 20, 2019
    Glorious at the summit, a real challenge getting there.
  • July 1, 2019
    My first visit to this summit was a great experience but the drive was challenging
  • June 29, 2019
    An annual event, lovely easy walk through the trees and a nice viewpoint to enjoy
  • June 22, 2019
    A decent day for outdoors but sitting still in cloud leaves one wondering
  • June 1, 2019
    Ralph and I decided to try a first activation of a new summit – Alligator NE2
  • May 18, 2019
    We planned the day to reprise our failed attempt on Mount Agassiz, but it was closed
  • May 11, 2019
    An easy drive-up point but construction poses its challenges
  • May 3, 2019
    A small summit which has houses up to the summit
  • May 1, 2019
    A small summit but a very steep trail
  • April 27, 2019
    We had hoped to hike to the summit and make radio contacts but we got ‘Aprilled’
  • April 20, 2019
    A lovely day to drive to a summit and enjoy the fresh air while making radio contacts