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  • This album contains collections of images taken during my trips into the coastal mountains.

  • This collection of photos have been gathered during my holidays in Ontario.
  • A collection of some of my favourite Sunrises and sunsets

  • This collection of images grow out my my growing interest in close-up photography.

  • This collection of images have been taken on various trips along the BC Coast.

  • This album contains various collections of images each with their own stories to tell.

Latest Stories

May 29, 2021
Every time I return to a summit, I find something new, this trip offered an amazing new find
May 8, 2021
A small easy summit to reach which offers some fresh air and a nice spot to operate
April 14, 2021
I enjoy taking close-ups of common items
March 30, 2021
Never a boring place to spend a few hours
March 27, 2021
I spend time with McKee in the early Spring every year, always a pleasant outing