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  • This album contains collections of images taken during my trips into the coastal mountains.

  • This collection of photos have been gathered during my holidays in Ontario.
  • A collection of some of my favourite Sunrises and sunsets

  • This collection of images grow out my my growing interest in close-up photography.

  • This collection of images have been taken on various trips along the BC Coast.

  • This album contains various collections of images each with their own stories to tell.

Latest Stories

December 8, 2021
I have lived beside the eastern shore of Boundary Bay for 50+ years, it was time to see it from the western side.
November 8, 2021
An easy jaunt to the viewpoint with gorgeous views of the Fraser Valley
October 30, 2021
A pleasant easy walk to the summit
October 12, 2021
After many drives past it was finally possible to activate this summit
October 9, 2021
A new summit on our radio list to visit