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Ontario Adventures

This year I wanted to try for some less common colour shots. I found a few as I wandered the country-side.

We missed last year so it felt good seeing the old sights again after 2 years. The colours were nice but the trees in Port Stanley needed another week or so to be at their best.

Enjoying the fall Beaauty of southern Ontario once again. A bit ahead of the peak but still amazing

Another great visit to Ontario. We had a lovely time visiting family, resting at the harbour and enjoying the fall colours

Another restfull adventure in Ontario. This year the weather was much more challenging for photography with rain and overcast skys. I did get out on a few of the days but was fighting with the clouds for some light. Still, lovely pictures can be found if one searches for them.

Another pleasant visit to the Fall Colours in Ontario. This year  the weather was not very co-operative. I went driving six days but on two of them I took no photos thanks to the rain and overcast skies.