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Farewell Kwomais
Kwomais Point Park is a lovely park and I have enjoyed my visits
Deer Lake Park
A busy place with lots of paddling and walking activities
Elks Park
A small narrow park squeezed between rows of apartment buildings which boasts a nice kids play area.
Riverview Park
A small ballfield park in Coquitlam
Hickey Street Reservoir Park
A small park with lots of ball courts
Citadel Heights Park
A park on a slope, ideal for our radio activation
A Mountain, a Grandson and a Radio
A very pleasant morning hiking up Hollyburn Mountain
McClughan Park
Mostly playing fields but there is also a large ravine through the centre
Price Creek Park
A small park in central Surrey which is mostly treed along the creek
Mount Newton and John Dean
An easy walk to the summit for an activation – almost
Mt Finlayson Again
A lovely hike to the summit along the northside trail
Operating in Campbell Valley Park
A very nice park to visit and enjoy the outdoors
Return to Chilliwack Mountain
A pleasant little outing when one feels like a drive and a scenic viewpoint
Abused in Maple Ridge Park
A lovely day to be at a park, sunny, warm lots of activity …
A trip to the Pitt
It was a hot smoky day but the breeze made life in the shade pleasant
West Langley Park
A couple of ball fields, tennis courts and kids’ area, a pleasant small park to get some air in
Visiting Forsyth Park
A pleasant community park with lots of stuff for kids and dogs
Visiting the Spanish Banks Dog Park
A large park for off-leash dogs with a beach and even tables for people1
A Visit to Pacific Spirit Park
A large area of greenery and scenery in and around UBC
An Afternoon with Grant
Today we went for a hike up Grant Hill after lunch for a change
Pitt Meadows Athletic Park
Lots of ball fields and playgrounds to enjoy
Sturgeon Bank Wildlife Management Area
A wide area of marsh land on the west side of Richmond, with lots to see
Return to Iron Mountain
A pleasant walk up a service road to the summit
South Arm Marshes Wildlife Management Area
A big name for a marshy area with some nice walkways
Back to the Bog
The old Ruins in Burns Bog is a fun place to visit and operate from
Roberts Bank Wildlife Reserve
A large marshy area around the confluence of the Fraser River
Serpentine Wildlife Area
A marshy area with a nice walkway to view birds and to exercise dogs
Holland Park
A manicured Park in Whalley with lots of walking paths and green space
Gates Park
A lovely dual-purpose park in Port Coquitlam
Britannia Shipyard Historical Park
A small area along the wharf in Steveston showing artifacts from over a hundred years ago
Alaksen National Wildlife Area
A long time in coming but we finally were able to visit this lovely reserve
Adventure in Kwomais
The small park has a few hidden treasures that one can explore
A.H.P. Matthew Park
A wide open park next to an elementary School with the same name
Telegraph Trail Park
A small park amidst a full subdivision it had a nice Kids playground, trees, trails and a ball field
Victoria Harbour Bird Sactuary at Gonzales Park
A lovely day at the beach in the sun
Jocelyn Hill in Gowlland Tod Park
A very scenic walk along the bluff to the summit area
A Quick trip to Mt Doug
Always a pleasant place to spend a few moments when one can.
Bolivar Park
A sports-oriented park with big ball fields and wide-open grassy areas
Queen Elizabeth Park
A very popular park with lots of amenities in Central Vancouver
Fraser View Park
Wrapped around homes this park has open space and a fenced dog area.
Porteau Cove Again
A very scenic park nestled between the highway and the shore of Howe Sound
Komais Point Park Walk-Around
Though small, I love visiting this park in Ocean Park
Cultus Lake
A popular spot for a get-a-way, even great for radio adventures
Northview Park
A small park in north Surrey offering a kids playground and a loop walking trail through the trees
A Quick Trip to Crescent Beach
Every visit to the beach is a relaxing and welcome diversion from daily life
Frost Road Park
A small park next to a school with lots of trees which would make a lovely shaded area in summer.
Riverview Forest Park
A densely treed park with some lovely walking trails
Mundy Park
A popular park with lots of fields and activities for visitors to do
Colony Farms Park
A large park with a community garden in its midst
Windy Eagle
The sun may be out but the wind on the summit made our visit tough