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A Visit to Golden Ears Park
A large popular park, at least in the summer
Travels around Elk Lake
A long 10km trek but good exercise and lots of fresh air
Winter in Beacon Hill Park
It was a lovely day to get out for some fresh air
Desperate to go Parking
Parking in Campbell Valley Park
New Years in Campbell Valley Park
It might be January 1 but the weather was lovely and mild in the park
A Winter Visit to Buntzen Lake
Even in the winter months, visits to the lake are steady
Campbell Valley at 20
A few more visits and now I am up to 20 at Campbell Valley Park
Hume Park
A decent sized urban park but a bit noisy
Return to Sumas Peak
It was so nice getting back up to the summit of Sumas and enjoying the fresh air and views
Campbell Valley Park 15
It was a lovely sunny day to visit the park and set up my radio
Burnaby Lake Park
A park for walkers and birds
East Sooke Park
A lovely area for hiking with views of the ocean
Maquabeak Park
A narrow strip of grass between the Fraser River and industrial buildings
Old Orchard in Campbell Valley Park
A nice area for groups and for radio activators
Farewell Kwomais
Kwomais Point Park is a lovely park and I have enjoyed my visits
Deer Lake Park
A busy place with lots of paddling and walking activities
Elks Park
A small narrow park squeezed between rows of apartment buildings which boasts a nice kids play area.
Riverview Park
A small ballfield park in Coquitlam
Hickey Street Reservoir Park
A small park with lots of ball courts
Citadel Heights Park
A park on a slope, ideal for our radio activation
A Mountain, a Grandson and a Radio
A very pleasant morning hiking up Hollyburn Mountain
McClughan Park
Mostly playing fields but there is also a large ravine through the centre
Price Creek Park
A small park in central Surrey which is mostly treed along the creek
Mount Newton and John Dean
An easy walk to the summit for an activation – almost
Mt Finlayson Again
A lovely hike to the summit along the northside trail
Operating in Campbell Valley Park
A very nice park to visit and enjoy the outdoors
Return to Chilliwack Mountain
A pleasant little outing when one feels like a drive and a scenic viewpoint
Abused in Maple Ridge Park
A lovely day to be at a park, sunny, warm lots of activity …
A trip to the Pitt
It was a hot smoky day but the breeze made life in the shade pleasant
West Langley Park
A couple of ball fields, tennis courts and kids’ area, a pleasant small park to get some air in
Visiting Forsyth Park
A pleasant community park with lots of stuff for kids and dogs
Visiting the Spanish Banks Dog Park
A large park for off-leash dogs with a beach and even tables for people1
A Visit to Pacific Spirit Park
A large area of greenery and scenery in and around UBC
An Afternoon with Grant
Today we went for a hike up Grant Hill after lunch for a change
Pitt Meadows Athletic Park
Lots of ball fields and playgrounds to enjoy
Sturgeon Bank Wildlife Management Area
A wide area of marsh land on the west side of Richmond, with lots to see
Return to Iron Mountain
A pleasant walk up a service road to the summit
South Arm Marshes Wildlife Management Area
A big name for a marshy area with some nice walkways
Back to the Bog
The old Ruins in Burns Bog is a fun place to visit and operate from
Roberts Bank Wildlife Reserve
A large marshy area around the confluence of the Fraser River
Serpentine Wildlife Area
A marshy area with a nice walkway to view birds and to exercise dogs
Holland Park
A manicured Park in Whalley with lots of walking paths and green space
Gates Park
A lovely dual-purpose park in Port Coquitlam
Britannia Shipyard Historical Park
A small area along the wharf in Steveston showing artifacts from over a hundred years ago
Alaksen National Wildlife Area
A long time in coming but we finally were able to visit this lovely reserve
Adventure in Kwomais
The small park has a few hidden treasures that one can explore
A.H.P. Matthew Park
A wide open park next to an elementary School with the same name
Telegraph Trail Park
A small park amidst a full subdivision it had a nice Kids playground, trees, trails and a ball field
Victoria Harbour Bird Sactuary at Gonzales Park
A lovely day at the beach in the sun
Jocelyn Hill in Gowlland Tod Park
A very scenic walk along the bluff to the summit area