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Eric views his imagery as more than a simple picture, he has worked to craft his images into fine art. While all of us can take pictures and we all achieve a few remarkable images in time, Eric strives to achieve something unique from each of his adventures into the field. Through a self-developed technique he has honed over the years, he has been able to regularly discover and capture a notion of the places he visits. But capturing the image is only the first step in delivering a finished art piece.

The first step of the process is to go into the back country and explore the natural beauty that is there. On a first trip to an area, Eric explores the sites, capturing images and establishes plans for later trips when lighting conditions will be able to bring out the best in the area.   He then returns multiple times to capture just the right moment.

Captured images are downloaded to his computer and cataloged. A series of the best from each trip are selected and printed. The images are touched up a little to best bring out the colours of the site. it seems that digital photography still needs some help when dealing with the wide range of lighting conditions landscape photography encounters. The group are then printed and the printed images are then rated against each other to determine the best of the day. 

Once the day's best has been determined, a brief story about the image is prepared and the image is added to the published collection. 

When an image is printed, Eric produces the image on the highest quality art papers available. These papers are designed to bring out the best in the image. Most photos are printed on a matte finish paper, some are produced on a rough textured paper others on a smooth finish. Though photos can be ordered on glossy or semi-gloss paper these are not Eric's preferred media. Images can also be ordered on Canvas for a painting like effect. All printing is done on Epson professional printers using inks that will give a life-time of lasting enjoyment with virtually no fading under normal conditions.  Eric has compared his printed images with those produced by labs using standard photo papers and found the Epson quality to be quite superior, it  is for this reason that he prints all his own photos.

Once printed the images are given time to properly dry before being packaged and shipped to the purchaser.  Limited edition prints receive an extra step before packaging - they are hand signed, numbered and a certificate of authenticity is prepared.

Please remember that the final colouration of the photos will vary from that displayed on a computer monitor. This is due to the difference in colour reproduction associated with the different media being used to display the image. Also most computer monitors are not properly calibrated which will lead to a variation in the way the image appears on your screen.