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ScenicArt grew out of the passion of Eric Kehler to share the incredible beauty of creation. Eric has enjoyed photography his entire life and for the last number of years he has been exploring the back country mainly in the southwest coastal region of British Columbia. While in the hills, he has found the views so amazingly beautiful and awe inspiring that he wanted to share that beauty with those who could not get out to see it themselves. And so was born this website with dual purpose of sharing his explorations and experiences while offering for purchase quality works of art depicting highlights from the trips. 

Though there are several web sites dedicated to selling photographs, Eric has never been satisfied with run-of-the-mill quality.  He felt that passing off  the printing process of his photos to these sites would not give the purchasers the level of quality and artistic  touch that he was looking for. So, his only solution was to print each photo himself using the highest quality fine art papers and archival inks. Each image sold through ScenicArt is individually printed and inspected for quality and purchasers can know that they are receiving a carefully crafted artwork.

Published art pieces are released in one of two ways. There are limited edition photographs where each printed image is hand signed and numbered with only a small number of images available to be produced.  Most photos are released as open quantity. These photos are not numbered and have no restriction to the number that can be produced. Both series are available in several sizes and all are suitable for framing.
It is our hope that you will find our images inspiring and worth purchasing for your home, office or a gift.